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This unique Fes to marrakech desert tour 3 days is a perfect travel itinerary for those landing in Fes or already in the city, desiring a Morocco desert tour from  Fes and exploring the desert of Merzouga. In this Sahara tour, you will delve into the enchanting Middle Atlas, visiting the cedar forest, enjoying stops at monkey forests, and exploring the European architecture of Ifrane. The journey culminates with a night in the Sahara Desert of Merzouga, offering an unforgettable experience under the stars and an enchanting sunset camel ride.

on This  mesmerizing 3-day Travel from Fes to Marrakech , you will be exploring the enchanting Todra Gorges, the captivating Dades Valley, and the picturesque Roses Valley, where you can witness the meticulous preparation of roses and cosmetics. The tour continues with a delightful stop in Skoura, offering numerous points of interest. Next, immerse yourself in the cinematic world at the Atlas Studios in Ouarzazate before discovering the ancient Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou. As the tour ascends through the High Atlas Mountains, relish the magical panoramic views that unfold before you.

For those who prefer an alternative to camel rides in the desert, we offer exhilarating jeep rides. Every aspect of the tour is customizable to ensure a personalized experience. Note the journey Can  concludes in Fes if you want that , allowing you to marvel at the seamless blend of culture, history, and natural beauty. Modify any element of the tour to suit your preferences, ensuring an unforgettable exploration of Morocco’s diverse landscapes.

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Travel itinerary for Fes to marrakech desert tour 3 days

Day 1: Fes to Merzouga Desert Passing by >Middle Atlas >Ifrane> azrou >Midelt > The Desert of Merzouga

Embarking on this Amazing desert journey from Fez, our guide and driver will promptly pick you up at 8:00 from your Riad/hotel in Fes. The adventure unfolds as we set forth towards the mesmerizing dunes of Erg Chebbi, traversing the scenic Middle Atlas, with stops in Ifrane, Azrou, cedar forests, and the picturesque Ziz valley gorge. The route promises captivating landscapes, providing ample opportunities for photographers to capture diverse sceneries. After savoring the flavors of Moroccan cuisine by having a lunch  in Midelt, our 3 days desert trip from fes continues towards the edge of the Erg Chebbi dunes. There, an exhilarating experience awaits as you embark on a 1-hour camel ride, immersing yourself in the enchanting ambiance leading up to the breathtaking sunset at highest dune. once we finish our camel trekking , we find ourselves in a Berber Desert camp, where a freshly prepared dinner is served under the glittering expanse of stars. Post-dinner, the atmosphere becomes even more enchanting as you’re invited to gather around a fire for some rhythmic music accompanied by drums.

Day 2: Merzouga Desert > Rissani> Todra gogres>

On the second day of our desert trip from Fes to Marrakech, you will awaken to a delicious breakfast at the campsite. Afterward, prepare to return to our lodge, where your driver will be ready to continue the Sahara tour with you. Today’s journey takes us towards the captivating Dades Gorges, passing through Rissani, an authentic city in the Sahara desert renowned for the variety of goods in its market. Following that, we will proceed to Erfoud, a place famous for preparing fossils, with a scheduled stop allowing you to explore its unique offerings.

Continuing our 3-day Tour to Marrakech from Fes, we will traverse the Ziz Valley, offering panoramic views and the chance to appreciate the oasis. Our next destination is the Todra Gorges, but before reaching there, a delightful lunch stop is planned. Upon arriving at the Todra Gorges, ample time will be provided for exploration and enjoyment of the stunning gorges. Subsequently, we will head to Boumaln Dades, where an overnight stay in a beautiful Moroccan riad awaits.

Day 3: Boumaln Dades > Dades Valley > Rose Valley > Kasbahs Of skoura > Ouarzazate > Kasbah of Aitbenhadou to Marrakech

On the last day of our 3-day Fes to Marrakech desert tour, your day begins with a wake-up call followed by a delicious breakfast at our hotel in Boumaln Dades. After breakfast, take the time to explore the breathtaking gorges, soaking in the natural beauty that surrounds you. Once the exploration is complete, we prepare to make our way back to Marrakech, marking the final leg of our Moroccan adventure.

As we embark on the journey, our first destination for the day is the Dades Valley, passing by Kellat Magouna, a town renowned for the high quality of its rose cosmetics. Continuing our route, we head towards Ouarzazate, enjoying the captivating kasbahs lining our road trip. Upon reaching Ouarzazate, we delve into the cinematic world at the Atlas Studios and explore the historic Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou.

Our Moroccan journey then takes us across the High Atlas Mountains, with intermittent stops allowing you to relish panoramic views of the stunning landscapes. Eventually, we arrive in Marrakech, where we bid you farewell, dropping you off at your hotel or riad. With this, our Fes to Marrakech desert tour concludes, and we sincerely hope you’ve cherished every moment of your desert adventure with us.

3 days exploring the best of Morocco
Top Morocco trips 3 days Sahara desert Tour from fes
Top Morocco trips 3 days Sahara desert Tour from fes
Fes to marrakech desert tour 3 days

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3 days in Morocco tour from fes , offers a unique and customizable experience. Prices are contingent on your chosen travel dates and the number of individuals in your group. To receive detailed pricing information and tailor the tour to your preferences, please get in touch with us. We look forward to assisting you in creating a memorable and personalized journey through the magical landscapes of Morocco.

“If you’re eager to commence your adventure from Marrakech, explore our enticing 3-day desert tour. Additionally, for those with more time to spare in Morocco, we recommend our comprehensive 5-day trip from Marrakech to Merzouga,if you are on short time check 2 days desert tour from fes . Each itinerary promises a rich tapestry of experiences, allowing you to immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes and vibrant culture of this enchanting country. Feel free to contact us for further details and customization options to make your journey truly extraordinary.

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When embarking on a Sahara Desert tour from Fes, make a stopover in the Middle Atlas Mountains to enjoy panoramic views. Next, visit the forest in Azrou to interact with adorable monkeys known for their friendliness. Explore Ifrane and its historical monuments. Finally, the ultimate goal of every Moroccan desert journey from Fes is an overnight stay in a Merzouga desert camp. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing views of Erg Chebbi’s golden dunes and revel in the enchanting starry skies of the Sahara. These adjustments aim to provide a smoother flow and ensure clarity in expressing the suggested activities during the Sahara Desert tour from Fes.

Why booking a 3 days fes to marrakech?

Booking a 3-day trip from Fes to Marrakech in Morocco is highly recommended, given the stunning attractions along the route from Merzouga Desert to Marrakech. Opting not to return on the same route to Fes allows travelers to explore diverse landscapes and maximize their experience. Moreover, this desert trip from Fes to Marrakech is an excellent choice for those with departure flights from Marrakech or those interested in day trips to discover the surrounding areas of Marrakech.

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