Guide to Visit Merzouga Desert Morocco

Merzouga Desert is renowned among adventurous travelers worldwide. A trip to Morocco would be incomplete without experiencing the majesty of the Sahara Desert at Erg Chebbi. Merzouga is celebrated for its towering sand dunes, some reaching heights of 160 meters. What sets it apart is its tranquil ambiance, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an authentic and serene experience. Moreover, Merzouga isn’t just an expanse of sand; it’s a charming village with a predominantly Berber population. These Berbers are the descendants of nomadic who once traversed the North African landscape before borders were established. Whether you’re journeying from Marrakech, Fes, or any corner of the globe, here are some invaluable tips and insights for your journey in Merzouga.

Helpful Guide to Visit Merzouga Desert Morocco when planning a trip to Morocco :

What to Do in Merzouga, Erg chebbi ?

If you’ve meticulously planned your trip to Morocco and have included a visit to the Merzouga Sahara on your bucket list, ensure that your time in Merzouga is filled with diverse and engaging activities. Camel trips are a must for those seeking an authentic travel experience. You can opt for an overnight camp and camel excursion or simply enjoy a camel tour in Erg Chebbi to witness the breathtaking sunset or sunrise. On the other hand, for adventure enthusiasts, quad biking tours in Merzouga are an exhilarating option. These tours can range from one hour to a full day, allowing you to explore the vast expanse of the desert. Additionally, you can embark on a sunset quad trip to soak in the panoramic views and witness the mesmerizing sunset from the highest dunes of Merzouga, and even Morocco.

Moreover, jeep trips in Merzouga, often referred to as off-road Merzouga excursions, offer another thrilling adventure. These trips vary in duration from two hours to a full day, allowing you to visit numerous fascinating locations. What sets jeep trips apart is their ability to take you from one place to another, offering a blend of excitement and cultural exchange. For those who prefer an extended stay in Merzouga, hiking trips are an excellent option to explore the area further and immerse yourself in its natural beauty.

Can you see the Milky Way and Stars in Merzouga?

In Merzouga, many people opt for overnight desert camps to relish the enchanting spectacle of the starry skies and the breathtaking view of the Milky Way. Being in the heart of the desert means there’s minimal light pollution, allowing for optimal stargazing conditions. Under the blanket of darkness, with fewer artificial lights, the vast expanse of the universe comes to life, captivating observers with millions of twinkling stars. It’s a serene and mesmerizing experience, perfect for losing oneself in the grandeur of the cosmos.

Best Time and Season to Go to Merzouga ?

The answer to the question isn’t overly complicated. If you’re planning to spend just one night in Merzouga, any season is suitable for a visit. However, if you intend to stay for more than one night, it’s advisable to consider traveling in the spring or winter. During these months, the temperatures are milder, and the weather is generally perfect for extended stays. On the other hand, in the summer, it’s recommended to limit your stay to just one night. The daytime temperatures can soar, making it uncomfortable for extended outdoor activities.

Is it worth visiting Merzouga Desert?

The dunes of Merzouga are the ultimate dream destination for any visitor to Morocco. Many travelers journey hundreds of kilometers just to behold the majestic beauty of the desert and partake in the myriad activities offered in Merzouga. To put it frankly, visiting the Sahara of Merzouga is truly worth it.

How many days to Spend in Merzouga ?

When traveling to Merzouga, you undoubtedly cover many kilometers. Therefore, if possible, it’s recommended to spend more than one night in the area. There are numerous attractions to explore around Merzouga besides the desert itself. However, if you’re short on time, spending just one night in Merzouga is still acceptable.

How to Reach Merzouga From Marrakech ?

When it comes to traveling to Merzouga from Marrakech, it’s important to note that it’s a long journey. Therefore, it’s recommended to consider taking a desert tour as it’s well-organized and helps you save time. However, if you prefer to go independently, you have options such as renting a car or taking a daily bus from Marrakech to Merzouga, which operates every day.

How to Get from Fes to Merzouga ?

The optimal way to travel from Fes to Merzouga is by embarking on a 2-day desert trip. This allows you to visit numerous attractions along the route and fully immerse yourself in the experience. However, if time constraints are a concern, you might want to consider taking a Supratour bus. These buses typically depart from Fes around 8:00 PM and arrive in Merzouga by morning, providing a convenient and efficient transportation option.

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