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Berber Camp in Merzouga Desert

A night in a Berber camp in Merzouga is like stepping into a real desert adventure. Imagine arriving to friendly Berber people who are happy to share their traditions. The place you sleep is a special tent decorated with colorful rugs. Getting there is half the fun – you’ll ride camels led by guides who know the desert well. When the sun sets, climb a sand dune and watch the sky turn amazing colors.

The camp has cool things to do in the evening – listen to local music, dance around a fire, and enjoy tasty Moroccan food. After dark, look up – the stars are incredible without city our camps are far from the town. The tents are comfy with beds, and some have electricity from the sun.

Wake up early to see the sunrise over the sand dunes. It’s like a magical moment. Our  Berber hosts are happy to teach you about their culture, how they live, and even show you things like making rugs or baking bread. Staying in a Berber camp is a way to really feel the desert and learn about the people who call it home.

Merzouga Luxury Desert Camp

Opting for a stay in a luxury camp in the Merzouga Desert provides a remarkable opportunity to immerse oneself in the enchanting allure of the Sahara while relishing in unparalleled comforts. Upon arrival, guests are warmly welcomed, setting the tone for the exceptional hospitality that characterizes these upscale camps. The accommodations in a luxury camp typically consist of sumptuous tents or chic bivouacs, seamlessly blending contemporary conveniences with the exotic ambiance of the desert.

To reach the luxury camp, guests often embark on a camel trek, quad bike adventure, or Jeep transfer, guided by knowledgeable experts who navigate the stunning sand dunes. These luxury camps are strategically positioned to offer breathtaking views of the desert landscape, ensuring an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Upon reaching the camp, guests are assigned their private tents, each equipped with modern amenities including private bathrooms, hot water, and Wi-Fi – all designed to enhance your enjoyment of the desert in utmost comfort.

Transitioning seamlessly from the awe-inspiring camel trek to the luxurious camp experience, guests find themselves in a haven of comfort amidst the vast desert. With every detail considered, the private tents offer a retreat with all the essentials for a comfortable stay. Whether you choose to relax in the well-appointed tent or venture out to explore the surrounding beauty, the luxury camp in Merzouga promises an unforgettable and indulgent desert experience.

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