4 Days Morocco trip from Tánger

Best 4 days Northern Morocco Tour

Make sure that our tours in the north of Morocco can be modified according to your preferences and can include a night in Chefchaouen. Also, note that pick-up and drop-off at the airport or port are possible. In case you want to have more days in the north of Morocco, share your travel plans with us, and let us organize it for you

4 Days Northern Morocco Travel Plan :

Day1 : Tangier to Rabat

The first day of our 4 days Northern Morocco Travel Tour ,Upon arrival in Tangier, our driver/guide will be waiting to begin our journey towards Rabat, Morocco’s capital. En route, we’ll pass through a fascinating city that served as the main port of the Spanish protectorate in 1911, known for its multicultural atmosphere blending Moorish and Andalusian influences.

Upon reaching Rabat, we’ll delve into its historic charm, exploring the old town, Medina, and Jewish quarter within its ancient ramparts. We’ll visit the 17th-century Oudaya Kasbah, enjoy lunch amidst its splendid 12th-century surroundings, and continue our exploration to admire the Almohad gateway, Andalusian garden, and adjacent Madrasah housing a museum of Moroccan art. Highlights include the Tower of Hassan and the mausoleum of Muhamad V.

Our overnight stay will be at a traditional Riad, immersing ourselves fully in the authentic Moroccan experience.

Day2: Rabat to Meknes > Roman Ruins > Fez

After breakfast at the Riad, we’ll head to Meknes, Morocco’s second imperial city, founded by Sultan Moulay Ismail in the 17th century. Upon arrival, we’ll visit the impressive Bab Mansour, explore Place El Hedim, and wander through the charming streets of the Medina. Next, we’ll journey to Moulay Idriss, the oldest city in Morocco, and then to Volubilis to explore its Roman ruins. In the afternoon, we’ll continue to Fes, known as the scientific city of Morocco. Our overnight stay will be in a hotel/riad, providing a comfortable and authentic Moroccan experience.

Northern Morocco Travel Tour
4 days private morocco tour from tangier

Day3 : Fez Historical Guided tour

Once you get your breakfast, join our guided Tour  of Fes’ old city with local guide . Wander through narrow alleys to charming squares with fountains and aromatic food stands. Rooftops offer views of minarets, while artisans bustle in humble doorways. Donkeys and mules provide transport, adding to the city’s charm. Visit traditional leather tanneries, guided by our expert. Overnight, relax in our hotel/riad after a day of exploration of Fez Medina .

Day4 : Fez to Chefchuan > Tangier

After breakfast, we’ll depart Fes for Tangier, passing through picturesque farmlands and tiny Berber villages, eventually reaching the stunning Rif mountains, offering breathtaking vistas.

En route, we’ll make a stop at Chefchaouen, nestled beneath the majestic peaks of the Rif. Renowned as one of Morocco’s most beautiful towns, Chefchaouen is a charming, blue-washed village with a unique ambiance. Explore the old Medina, influenced by Moroccan and Andalusian architecture, featuring red-tiled roofs, vibrant blue buildings, and restored Kasbahs. Enjoy lunch at a traditional restaurant overlooking the mountains from the bustling Plaza Uta El Hammam.

Upon arrival in Tangier, we’ll drop you off at your accommodation, marking the end of our memorable journey together.

4 Days Tour Tangier
4-day tour of northern Morocco to discover Tangier

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