The Best one night in a Oasis in Merzouga Desert

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Details about one night in a Oasis in Merzouga Desert Sahara Morocco

Join our one night in a Oasis in Merzouga Desert Tour if you are dreaming Of  Spending a night in the middle of the Merzouga desert offers a completely different experience compared to what most tour agencies provide. Indeed, our Berber team strives to create an authentic experience, especially for those who love to truly immerse themselves in the desert environment of Morocco, specifically in Merzouga. In the heart of the Merzouga dunes, there are a few oases that were once filled with water. However, over the years, the changing climate, which has affected almost the entire world, has also impacted the Merzouga desert. Consequently, these desert lakes have dried up, allowing various plants and palms to grow in these unique oases.

Why to Book This Camping Experience in Merzouga

Photos of the oasis :

one night in a Oasis in Merzouga Desert
noche en el desierto del Sahara de Merzouga

Merzouga Sahara desert Camp Tour plan :

Our trip to explore the Merzouga desert and its wonderful green oasis starts in the afternoon. Once you arrive at our agreed meeting point in the Merzouga Center, you will park your car at our guest house. Then, pack only the most important items in a backpack—just what will be needed for the night.

Later, you will meet your camel guide, who will take you on an authentic journey into the desert to explore its magic. You will ride your camel, experiencing the unique feeling of camel riding, which is quite different from horse riding. No worries; all our camels are well-trained and friendly, so all travelers can participate in this tour.

Once you reach the middle of the desert, your camel guide will choose the best place for you to watch the sunset. After sunset, you will arrive at your desert camp in the oasis in the middle of the desert. You will have your own private tent, designed in traditional Berber style. Enjoy a refreshing mint tea, and later, once dinner is ready, you will have a typical Berber meal.

After dinner, we will set up a fire to play drums and dance. You will then have free time to enjoy stargazing, which is the highlight of our Merzouga camel trekking tours.

The next morning, you will wake up to enjoy an amazing sunrise over the dunes, followed by a tasty breakfast. After breakfast, you will ride the camels back to Merzouga town. Once you return to our guest house, you will have free time to relax or take a shower. This marks the end of our oasis camping experience in Merzouga.



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Things to Know Before you book Your Merzouga Berber Camp

Firstly, keep in mind that our trips in the Merzouga Sahara Desert can include more than one night. We also offer additional activities such as quad bike tours and stays in luxury camps. If you want to explore around Merzouga, we recommend taking a look at our Jeep safari tours in the Merzouga desert.

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