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Merzouga quads Trip Overview

Experience the thrill of our quad bike desert tours in Merzouga! Unlike the traditional camel riding or desert camps, our quad bike excursions offer a unique and exhilarating way to explore the stunning Erg Chebbi.

When you arrive at our office in the heart of Merzouga, your quad bike adventure begins. Our knowledgeable guides will provide you with a briefing on how to operate the automatic quad bikes. Don’t worry – they are easy to drive, making the experience accessible for everyone. Even if you have a small child with you, they can enjoy driving their own quad bike. No driving license is required for these exciting rides.

Choose the duration of your quad bike tour based on your schedule and preferences. If you’re short on time in the Sahara, opt for a thrilling 1-hour excursion. For those staying the whole day in Merzouga, indulge in a 2-hour quad bike adventure to thoroughly explore the mesmerizing desert landscape.

And if you haven’t booked accommodation yet, consider staying at our own Desert Camp in Merzouga for an immersive and comfortable desert experience. Trust us to make your time in Merzouga unforgettable with our quad bike tours and exceptional hospitality. Book your quad bike adventure with us and discover the beauty of the Sahara in a truly unique way!

Things to know before Booking your Merzouga Excursions Quads

Before booking your quad desert trip in Merzouga with us, rest assured that we prioritize your safety and comfort. We provide all the necessary equipment, including helmets and other essential gear, to ensure a secure and enjoyable quad bike rental experience.

Regardless of where you’re from, our quad bike tours are designed for individuals of all skill levels. You don’t need advanced experience or a driving license to participate. Our automatic quad bikes are user-friendly, making them accessible to beginners and seasoned riders alike.

During your entire quad desert tour, a knowledgeable tour guide will accompany you. This ensures that you not only have a memorable experience exploring the breathtaking Erg Chebbi but also feel confident and supported throughout the journey.

Book with us for a thrilling quad bike adventure in Merzouga, knowing that we prioritize safety, provide the necessary equipment, and offer expert guidance for a fantastic desert experience. Get ready to enjoy the beauty of the Sahara on our exciting quad bike tours!

Merzouga Excursions Quads
Merzouga Excursions Quads in erg chebbi

What makes us Unique from others quad bikes and buggies rentals Agencies in Merzouga Desert

Booking your Merzouga Excursions Quads with us ensures that you’ll be in the hands of a local company based in the Sahara Desert of Morocco. As a local business, we take pride in offering an authentic and personalized experience for all our visitors.

For groups of friends or families, we provide special discounts on quad journeys, making your adventure even more affordable and enjoyable. Our goal is to make the beauty of the Sahara accessible to everyone.

When you choose to rent our quads, rest assured that everything you need for the excursion is provided. Our quads come with full insurance coverage, prioritizing your safety and peace of mind throughout the journey.

If you find yourself far from our office, worry not. We offer a convenient pick-up and drop-off service to your hotel in Merzouga town, and the best part is, it’s free of charge. We want to ensure that your quad experience is not only thrilling but also hassle-free.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now to make an appointment for your quad tour in Merzouga. Let us be your gateway to exploring the mesmerizing landscapes of the Sahara Desert on an exciting and unforgettable adventure!

Whats the price of renting quad bikes in Merzouga Desert?

Embark on an exciting quad adventure in Merzouga with prices starting from just 40 euros! Our affordable rates make it accessible for individuals seeking a thrilling desert experience.

For groups of friends or families, we offer special deals to enhance your journey even further. Enjoy exclusive discounts and tailored packages when you choose to explore the Sahara together. Contact us now to learn more about the fantastic group rates and custom options available.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ride through the mesmerizing landscapes of the Sahara Desert at an unbeatable price. Book your quad tour with us and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Contact us today to secure your spot and take advantage of our special deals for group adventures!